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Risk Management

Blue Sea provides the whole range of advisory, contracting and training services pertaining to security of individuals as well as security services such as international security management and advisory, security audits and assessments, vetted local guards, shared security, training services and armored vehicles to private, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. We advise on the security of sites, buildings, persons, logistics, transportation of goods and equipment, and contract management of security service operations on the basis of professional norms derived from industry best practices.

Our Risk Management team always seeks to fully understand its client's own code in order to provide the appropriate security for their individual needs and make sure that our clients continue their normal operations in a safe manner in an increasingly uncertain security environment.

Operations in a safe manner in an increasingly uncertain security environment. We are proud to have ex-military officers working with us in Blue Sea. These employees have served in various Afghan military and security ranks and they are fully aware of the political and security situations in the country. These personnel are experts in security, risk assessment and management of security operations. Our risk management employees
Have vast knowledge of the security conditions of the country,
Are involved in the fast changing security conditions of the country firsthand, and
Have extensive network with people from all walks of life in the country and world.
This gives us an upper hand in this sector because we will not only be able to write threat and risk assessments and audits and develop protection planning, but we will also be able to conduct security operations services.

We are also able to provide static internal armed and un-armed guards for secure locations like villas, camps etc. All BSL guards are vetted and their family backgrounds checked through BSL's own HR Department. Our guards are trained by our international operations staff in all aspects of man-guarding including search techniques, both personal and vehicle. In addition, we train our guards in customer care skills. A client's guards are often the first point of contact for staff and visitors and it is essential that this 'public face' is represented in a professional and personable manner. Blue Sea provides constant monitoring of all its guard sites to ensure clients receive the same high level and quality of service throughout the day and night giving them full peace of mind.

Our Risk Management Services include, but are not limited to:
Threat and risk assessment
Audit of security operations
Emergency response procedures
Evacuation planning procedures
Close Protection Trainings
Renting Armored Vehicles
Providing Internal Armed and Unarmed Guards
Project Management
Site Security Assessment and Development of Staffing Requirements
Security Plan Development
Security Contract Assessment
Contracting for Security Operations Services
Development of Standard Operating Procedures
Contingency planning
Personal Protection Planning and Management
Damage Inspection

Procurement Procurement