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Who We Are

Blue Sea Logistics International services provide contract and Public Warehousing, Logistics, Fuel Supply, Service Delivery, Inspections, Transportation, Manufacturing Support, Packaging and fulfillment services in strategically located sites throughout Afghanistan with over 450 employees direct and indirect. BSL parent company provides complete multinational supply chain solutions. As one of the largest Dry & Frozen Truck Carriers in Afghanistan, BSL Transport brings the assurance of size, strength and 4 years of expertise to your bulk commodity logistics operations. At BSL we are committed to providing safe and dependable transportation services which consistently deliver value to The BSL is the biggest bulk carrier fuel supply company in all over Afghanistan with more than 780 vehicles subcontracted. Our company is one of the biggest corporations in Afghanistan. BSL core competencies include contract & multi-client service delivery, logistics support services and implementations. In addition, BSL provides services such as Services Management, Project Management and Supply Chain and Inspections surveys. BSL is recognized as a top national logistics provider because our commitment to quality extends nationwide and our Management Procedures are among the most comprehensive in the logistics field.

Read More Stringent standards require that all operating functions are formalized through Standard Operating Procedures, allowing uniformity throughout the process. BSL considers safety prior to execution of projects. The culture we create to achieve our safety performance is reached through a structured environment where training is constant and where no process or solution is created without considering its possible effect on safety.... Our core competencies are in Procurement, Transportation and Supply, Warehousing and Distribution, and Risk Management with a high rate of successful deliveries within our customers’ Required Delivery Dates. We, at the same time, provide military trainings such as Close Protection Training, Recon Data Analysis, Using firearms and Self Defense to our clients. We have a successful record in fuel, oil, lubricants supply and import of military and tactical equipment; with expediting procedures in place in all Afghan airports and border checkpoints and customs, regulated by the Government of Afghanistan (GOA) and with the ability to provide security for our projects throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

BSL has one of the most extensive fuelling networks in Afghanistan with a successful background and considerable fuels trading expertise. For the last seven years of service, BSL has focused on Procurement, Transportation and Supply, Warehousing and Distribution. A strong business ethics and customer's satisfaction has engaged BSL management in the top tier of Afghanistan's well-connected and well-reputed industries and suppliers. BSL maintains a policy of guaranteed quality, internationally standardized specification, customer's satisfaction and service monitoring and follow-up. Please also read about our Technical Capacity.

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Who we are


To be recognized on the national and regional levels as a quality logistics and supply company adhering to global standards and achieving continuous customer satisfaction.
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Corporate Social Responsibilities

At Blue Sea Logistics LLC, we directly contribute to the longer term sustainability of Afghanistan through our corporate social responsibility policies. We have our own outreach programs to support and develop capacity within communities and support local initiatives. We have so far:

Read More a) Funded and built wells as part of our project implementation process
b) Supported health awareness initiatives
c) Funded orphanages and orphans
d) Paid for the education of kids in poor families
e) Provided food, cloth and blankets to refugee camps.

Moreover, as part of BSL’s development projects for improvements of the lives of Afghans, we provide internship opportunities to university students or fresh graduates in order to help them get practical experience and then be presented to the job market. Also, we provide capacity building trainings to our staff to make sure they improve their future employment prospects, either with us or elsewhere.
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