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About Us

Founded in Kabul in 2008, BSL is a limited liability partnership comprised of a team of individuals combining prior experience in the sector. Our core competencies are in supply and shipping. We have a surge capacity of 450 employees, with the ability to provide security for our projects throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. We are an internationally certified Freight Forwarding Company and have a successful record in imports of military and tactical equipment; with expediting procedures in place in all Afghan airports and border checkpoints and customs, regulated by the Government of Afghanistan (GOA).

Our past concentration has been with the US and British Military Forces and NGO community; transporting low bed and special cargoes, supplying fuel, construction materials, helicopter spare parts, armored and light tactical vehicles.

Read More In addition, BSL now offers training aids, devices, simulators and simulations (TADSS) and live firearms for licensed end-users. While continuing to operate and serve the international sector, BSL systematically expands with the dynamic nature of Afghanistan’s evolving economy.

Our ability to deliver tangible results for clients is reflected in our client portfolio, high retention rates and consistent growth. BSL has worked for companies throughout Afghanistan, and the rest of the world, including many major global brands.

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Our core competencies are in Logistics, Supply, Warehousing, Transportation and Risk Management with a high rate of successful deliveries within our customers’ Required Delivery Dates. We, at the same time, provide military trainings such as Close Protection Training, Recon Data Analysis, Using firearms and Self Defense to our clients.

Read More Fuel, Oil and Lubricants: Read More
Diesel fuels and

Defense Technology Services: Read More
TADDS (Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators)
Modern Technology (Defense, Recon and Analysis Software)
Live Fire Weapons(Sig Sauer Hand guns and assault rifles, M4 and M16 rifles)

Transport Services: Read More
Air Freight Forwarding
Ocean Freight Forwarding
Road Transportation
Customs Clearance – Import/ Export
Cargo Warehousing and Distribution
Door to Door Delivery
Special Cargo Transportation Services

Warehouse and Distribution Centers: Read More
Peshawar (Torkhum Border)
Nangarhar, Jalalabad
Kandahar (Spin Boldak)
Herat (Torghondi)
Balkh (Mazar-e-Sharif)
Dubai, UAE

Risk Management Services: Read More
Threat and risk assessment
Audit of security operations
Emergency response procedures
Evacuation planning procedures
Close Protection Trainings
Renting Armored Vehicles
Providing Internal Armed and Unarmed Guards
Project Management
Site Security Assessment and Development of Staffing Requirements
Security Plan Development
Security Contract Assessment
Contracting for Security Operations Services
Development of Standard Operating Procedures
Contingency planning
Personal Protection Planning and Management
Damage Inspection

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